Othercide - Before Darkness

"What came before ?
What will come after ?
Those questions are irrelevant,
Because Reality has one and unique origin:
An infinite void of pure darkness."
The Guide, Age or Shattering

Those artworks are part of the preliminary process that led to the art direction of Othercide. So much have been kepts from those first ideas, even after more than 2 years of germination ! I had the chance to be the art director on this project at Lightbulb Crew, surrounded by a young team of incredibly talented mates.

The Art Team and I have been sharing this beautiful black and white nightmare for quite a time. I can't thank them enough to have brought our vision into the game with their dedication and hard work. All credits of success goes to the team !

Check them out :

Concept Art:
Sebastien De Louvigny https://www.artstation.com/seb
Marine Coiffard https://www.artstation.com/marinka

Characters :
Antoine Dupuis https://www.artstation.com/antoinedupuis
Christophe Desbois https://www.artstation.com/christofrage

Environment :
Yves Pinel https://www.artstation.com/yvespinel
David Géraud https://www.artstation.com/apo_duck
Maxime Quissac https://www.artstation.com/quissac
Flore Lemoine https://www.artstation.com/draellyah

FX :
Simon Romain https://www.artstation.com/s-romain

Animation :
Jérôme Sounthavong https://www.artstation.com/thav
Guillaume Delbecque https://www.artstation.com/guillaumedelbecque

UI :
Yoann Jacq https://www.artstation.com/yoannjacq

Othercide is dveloped by Lightbulb Crew and published by Focus Home Interactive. All rights reserved.