Merry Christmas, Skeleton Claus !

The kid came closer, and asked :
"- You seem really, really lonely, mister...
- I am in fact really, really old, my Child... Would you like a present ?
- I may not accept gifts from strangers...
- Ho ho ho... but I am no stranger, my Child, you know me very well..."
The skeleton bent over, and his dead breath tickled the kid's nose :
" I am the shadow you met in every nightmare, the silent whisperer you found in each dark corner of your life, the merchant of souls and broken tears... and i can smell you've been a naughty, naughty, very naughty Child. Do you know what I shall do to naughty kids ?"
The Child screamed and ran away, terrified.
" Ho ho ho ! merry Christmas to you to !"

A Christmas Tale.
Merry Christmas 2016 !