BLUE MOON KNIGHT - Myune - 3D Model

MOON KNIGHT -Myune-_Turnable 2

"My destiny has only one way out ... But am I not allowed to dream of other paths ? "
Myune, the Moon Knight.

Blue Moon Knight is a personal project, a Sci-Fi Fantasy Tale I am creating for my daughter.
Meet Myune, the main character.
I have been following the Learn Squared course of Alex Figini for the creation of this model ; I learned a lot, it was difficult with so little free time, but it's finally done !

Story pitch :
Every four centuries, the terrible monster from the Dark Side of the Moon attacks the City of Terra.
The City designates a chosen fighter to confront the terrible monster.
This cycle, it is the young Myune that has been chosen for this task... The dreamy and sensible girl have no choice than stand up like so many great warriors did before her...