Othercide - Main Keyart Poster

Main keyart for the game Othercide !
Special thank you for the 3D characters and posings of Antoine Dupuis and Jérôme Sounthavong :)
I had the chance to be the art director on this project at Lightbulb Crew, surrounded by a young team of incredibly talented mates.

The Art Team and I have been sharing this beautiful black and white nightmare for quite a time. I can't thank them enough to have brought our vision into the game with their dedication and hard work. All credits of success goes to the team !

Check them out :

Concept Art:
Sebastien De Louvigny https://www.artstation.com/seb
Marine Coiffard https://www.artstation.com/marinka

Characters :
Antoine Dupuis https://www.artstation.com/antoinedupuis
Christophe Desbois https://www.artstation.com/christofrage

Environment :
Yves Pinel https://www.artstation.com/yvespinel
David Géraud https://www.artstation.com/apo_duck
Maxime Quissac https://www.artstation.com/quissac
Flore Lemoine https://www.artstation.com/draellyah

FX :
Simon Romain https://www.artstation.com/s-romain

Animation :
Jérôme Sounthavong https://www.artstation.com/thav
Guillaume Delbecque https://www.artstation.com/guillaumedelbecque

UI :
Yoann Jacq https://www.artstation.com/yoannjacq

Othercide is dveloped by Lightbulb Crew and published by Focus Home Interactive. All rights reserved.