Lords of the Fallen - Crusaders Keyart

Lords of the Fallen - Hexworks / CI Games - 2023

Keyart poster of the Dark Crusader Family.

For the last 3 years, I was the lucky Art Director of the Action-RPG "Lords of the Fallen", with the great team of Hexworks.
I can't thank them enough for their trust, dedication and passion.
My job was more or less adding skulls, blood, candles, clay, thorns, rust and even more blood during the entire production.
Yes, that's all. And having a pepperoni pizza slice from time to time.

"Composition counts a certain number of rules : the canvas (your base), the structure (the slice), harmonization (sauce), colors and volumes (garnishment) and a bit of spice (pepperoni). Bon Appetit"

Huge special thanks to all the members of the Art Team, and our collaborators:
Erwan, Javi, Yves, Nico, Sara, Fred, Artem, Carlos, Adrian, Dominik, Luis, Bea, Manu, Fredo, Dervis, Russel, Oscar, Adrian, Jose, Gus, Uxia, Dimitrije, and so many more...
You can all be proud of what was accomplished !